• Miscue
    An abortion doctor is murdered in the Big Easy. And despite his disgust with the dead doctor’s tactics, Forte is forced to track down the killer. Why? Because the doctor’s young daughter has been kidnapped.
  • NetBlue
    Someone’s tracking down pedophiles and murdering them. Ordinarily, Forte would applaud the guy. Except for a simple fact: The murderer has inadvertently put a foolish teen girl in danger.
  • Snafu
    New Orleans bodyguard Forte is forced to confront his grief when asked to do the impossible: Track down the kidnapped son of the man who killed his wife. To complicate his life more...

The Latest from Glen Allison

  • Rescued by a Lightening Bug

    Forte, the hero of my suspense series, rescues and protects children. Because he’s an ex-SEAL, his adventures are high profile. Because he’s a recovering addict, he takes it a day at a time and ignores the fanfare. In real life, children are rescued every day and we don’t even see...
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