About Glen Allison

Glen Allison has been a co-owner of a business magazine, a sportswriter, the PR Director for a Phi Beta Kappa college, editor of magazine for an orphanage, an oil rig worker, a freelance writer, and a parking lot sweeper. In other words, he has been in training for this very moment.

Glen’s roots stretch from Cajun country to the hills of Kentucky. His childhood memories: Playing behind the counter of the liquor store on St. Charles where his grandmother worked; watching the winos spill their coins from stained socks to get their daily relief; observing surfer punks in southern California with their green-dyed hair long before it became a normal sight on most American streets; playing sandlot football in the toughest blue-collar neighborhood in Jackson, Mississippi, with friends who stick with him to this day.

Today, Glen and his wife Kathy claim the land of The King of Rock and Roll — Tupelo, Mississippi — as their home base. They range out from that point by camper and motorcycle and make frequent trips to the New Orleans streets of Forte.

Glen is author of the Forte books and Still Standing, the story of the Williams Brothers’ gospel group, published by Billboard Books. His short story, “The Christmas Monkey,” appeared in the December 2008 release of the book, Christmas Stories from the South’s Best Writers, by Pelican Publishing. Glen has written for Guideposts, Memphis Magazine, Mississippi Magazine, Ford Magazine, the Mississippi Business Journal, among others. He is the creator of the successful PR for Nonprofits conference and successful writer/producer of promotional videos and other marketing communications.

  • Miscue

    An abortion doctor is murdered in the Big Easy. And despite his disgust with the dead doctor’s tactics, Forte is forced to track down the killer. Why? Because the doctor’s young daughter has been kidnapped.

  • NetBlue

    Someone’s tracking down pedophiles and murdering them. Ordinarily, Forte would applaud the guy. Except for a simple fact: The murderer has inadvertently put a foolish teen girl in danger.

  • Snafu

    New Orleans bodyguard Forte is forced to confront his grief when asked to do the impossible: Track down the kidnapped son of the man who killed his wife. To complicate his life more…

About Forte

Hidden in the French Quarter, a broken man saves stolen children. But who will rescue him?
Once a proud SEAL Team Sixer, Forte’s world crashed when his wife was murdered in front of him. Suicide by drugs nearly finished him off.

Now his purpose is simple: To protect children in danger in a French Quarter safe house. And to find redemption, a day at a time. A haunting memory drives him. A simpler justice guides him.

If you love straight-forward action and suspense fullspeed through the twisted alleys of New Orleans, you’ll love the Forte books.