Who is Forte?

Yellow-eyed Al Forte rescues children – and rescues himself in the process.

When his wife was murdered before his eyes four years ago, the ex-SEAL was unable to save her. He lost himself in the abyss of drugs and alcohol. Almost.

When he hit bottom, Forte discovered he had one reason to live- to save the stolen children his wife had so loved.

SNAFU (New release – Spring 2013!)

Book 3 of The Forte Suspense Series| Available Spring 2013.

New Orleans bodyguard Forte is forced to confront his grief when asked to do the impossible: Track down the kidnapped son of the man who killed his wife. To complicate his life more, the daughter of the governor of Louisiana is missing. Behind it all lies a bigger plot to kill many more people. The losses Forte incurs along the way stretch him to his limits.

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Book 1 of The Forte Suspense  Series | Now released in all eBook formats!

An abortion doctor is murdered in the Big Easy. And despite his disgust with the dead doctor’s tactics, Forte is forced to track down the killer. Why? Because the doctor’s young daughter has been kidnapped. Forte tracks the kidnapper from Chicago to the Caribbean — and even he is shocked at what he discovers.(240 pages)

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NETBLUE (Now just 99 cents on Amazon!)

Book 2 of The Forte Suspense  Series | Now released in all eBook formats!

Someone’s tracking down pedophiles and murdering them. Ordinarily, Forte would applaud the guy. Except for a simple fact: The murderer has inadvertently put a foolish teen girl in danger. Throw in the New Orleans crime family threats and Forte has his hands full as he tracks the killer — and the pedophile — through the swamps of the bayou. (256 pages.)

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